Traveler In Action: Visiting Murray River

Traveling alone teaches a person to know himself more.  Traveling with families and friends can help you know more about each other.   But going alone or with someone else can only be enjoyed to the fullest if you immerse yourself into the culture through activities the place has to offer.


Cruising The Murray River

Sailing the Murray River boarding the PS Emmylou makes me appreciate Australia more.  The tour guide clearly explained its geography, rich history, culture, and food.


As I go on board the Emmylou, I could immediately smell the oil that runs the engine.  I go on the deck and just stare at the reflection on the water.  The swishing sound of the wheels on the water is soothing music to my soul.   It gives me a sense of tranquility, making me feel relaxed on this trip.  Together with the others onboard the Emmylou, we enjoyed the breakfast prepared by the staff.  Before the dark, we watched the sublime sunset and fed some black swans as we sail.   I don’t think of myself much of a nature lover, but this cruise makes me fall in love with the majestic scenery as we navigate the stretch of the river to Echuca.


Fresh plates of seafood, famous Murray cod, and the local produce are the best.  Dishes are indeed uniquely Australian, and the staff is very hospitable and attentive, asking in advance if there is any request, especially the guests with preferred or special diets.


We also went by St.  Anne’s winery and had a taste of complimentary wines which I truly enjoyed.



One unforgettable experience while staying in the Murray River is fishing and having to catch freshwater fish which you can cook during the campfire.  But before you go fishing, check with your package tour or tour guides regarding the guidelines on fishing.



The best thing about Echuca, of course, is their chocolates. The Echuca Chocolate Company is located in the famous port precinct of High Street.  I bought Orange liqueur to bring home to my mom and sister.  It was packed beautifully and I paid a reasonable price.


Another thing you must not miss when in Echuca is the exceptional science Twisted museum.  The place is really great that you can’t get enough of it, especially taking photos of yourself getting twisted with fun-filled activities.   I felt like a kid again attending science class.



Your trip to Murray River isn’t complete if you will not spend a day in Albury and experience exploring the slow-paced river riding the canoe.  It’s quite difficult at first, but once you get the hang of it, it can be very relaxing.  It was a wonderful experience feeling like you’re the skipper of your own boat.  You can choose whether you want to paddle on your own pace or race as you go down the Murray River.  Paddling at your own slow pace will make you appreciate how beautiful the Australian scenery is.  Just a piece of advice – put on sunscreen. Summertime in Australia can burn your skin.  Bring along snacks and drinks, and don’t forget your hat.


Cruise the Murray River either by boarding P.S.  Murray Princess, Proud Mary, or Emmylou.  For me, I enjoyed the old-fashioned wood-fired paddle steamer of Emmylou.  They got excellent service and a hospitable staff.  River activities like fishing, waterskiing, canoeing, and riverboat rides are worth a try.


Murray River is described by many as a playground for people of all ages.  Exploring the stretch of the river is a delightful way of finding out facts about Australia – its history, culture, and cuisine.  But engaging in various activities will make you discover yourself more, how adventurous you are, finding your strength and knowing your fears.

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