Numurkah Food Bowl Festival

Festivals in the old times were observed to remind people of significant events.  Diwali, Christmas, and Eid were just some of the early festivals which are celebrated up to this age to rejoice the bliss brought by that occasion.   Other communities celebrate festivals which center to honor gods or their religion for the many blessings showered upon their people and the community.  Mostly, locals arrange such festivities as thanksgiving for good harvest and a prosperous life.


As time passed by, it has become a social gathering and has become more modified.  People take this chance to mingle with other people, be away from stress and worries and just enjoy the moment.  They set up stalls, take the opportunity to sell their produce, and at the same time share a portion with the foreigners visiting their area.  To make the festivities more enjoyable, they set up live bands, dance competitions, and various activities for every age.


Food Bowl Festival

The Numurkah festival is celebrated for three days during the month of October where locals and visitors share and enjoy the excellent local produce.  But with all the preparation and excitement of the locals and visitors, it seems like a month of festivities in Numurkah.   They are celebrating the Numurkah Food Bowl Festival.  There are fun and exciting activities for everybody.



Numurkah is a popular town located in Victoria, Australia.  It is part of the Sun Country of the Murray region and serves as the southern entryway to the Murray River.  A survey conducted in 2017 documented that its population is around 4,768.


Numurkah was inhabited byYorta Yorta people before the establishment of the European community.  It became one of the biggest soldier settlements in Australia post World War I.   The land was granted to   700 ex-soldiers to be developed into agricultural land.


Numurkah was said to come from the Aboriginal word which means war shield.

Humble Beginnings

In 2007, the Food Bowl Festival started as a music festival.  At that time, over 20 artists performed alternately in different venues around town.  It was initiated by Lauren Salathiel together with Chris McGorlick who were the coordinators of the Visitor Information Center.  They work tirelessly and with the help of musicians and friends they earn a small amount of money.  It’s been years, and the festival still continues.


Activities For This Year’s Numurkah Food Bowl Festival

This October a lot of events are lined up.  There is the hay bale art, setting up of the yarn bombing. On the 19th, free movie screening and fireworks display will be held by the creek. On Saturday, October 20, fantastic stalls, food (like Sunday Creek American Southern Style BBQ), and entertainment (all day long live music) will once again join the locals and visitors in this happy celebration.  A grand street parade will also take place to signal that the festival has officially started.  Activities for the kids are also arranged which include planting, rock painting, story corner, and giant games.


On the 21st, there will be brunch which will be prepared by The Butlers Pantry Numurkah and live music where Shane and The Wong Brother will perform.  Ladies and gentlemen will surely enjoy the classical bush dance.


Every town and county celebrate their own unique festivals.   Numurkah has its share of rich history and has successfully join people from all walks of life together.  Locals and foreigners cooperate and support the festivity to be a happy occasion.  Kids and adults alike happily join and participate in activities prepared by people who enthusiastically and tirelessly support each other to make the celebration possible.


Come, celebrate, experience the fun, and chill out!



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