Canoeing Instead Of Seeing A Therapist? Here’s A Quick Review About Ultralight Canoes From Hornbeck Boats


Talking to a helpful therapeutic counseling expert when you have a psychological issue to deal with is much different from meeting someone more concerned about the money you are willing to pay than your mental health. After all, the latter tends to practically say, “There is no other treatment that will work for you than what I can offer.” With that in mind, you may genuinely keep on showing up to sessions and paying for therapy, hoping that it will give you some light. Worse, if the treatment reaches the end, and the ill-meaning professional prescribes you with another month of counseling or so, you might bite the bullet and do as he or she asks.

This scenario is not what you will find yourself in once you come across a therapist whose primary goal is to help you heal psychologically by all means necessary. What that entails is that this individual will not use alibis as to why the treatment may not be working or try dirty tactics so that you will continue paying them. In truth, such a mental health professional may even encourage you to look for other activities that can jumpstart your healing process.

That is where canoeing comes in.

What Makes Canoeing Passable As A Complementary Treatment?

You ought to realize from the get-go that no study per se recommends canoeing to a troubled person so that you can feel better. Despite that, the essential characteristics of treatments for depression, anxiety, and other disorders include being able to distract you from your negative thoughts and feelings and giving you a sense of peace. So, in that respect, you may try busting out your canoe and paddling down the river to somehow deal with your issues, albeit unconventionally.


Using Ultralight Canoes

Based on experience, I can say that canoeing has not always been my first choice after hearing my therapist’s suggestion to look for another hobby to complement my treatment sessions. Color me lazy, but I am scared of tipping the heavy boat over and finding myself under the water, just like what I have seen in the movies. It is only recently that I have realized that there are ultralight canoes from Hornbeck Boats. Hence, I wonder: “Would I have been still afraid if I came across Hornbeck canoe before?” Maybe not.

Before Striking A Deal With Hornbeck

You have to set your main concerns straight. Double-paddle placid canoes are great when you want to exercise your arms and abdomen as you enjoy nature at its finest. They are effortless to maneuver and quite easy to get in and out of the water. This is what you should get if you would like to induct yourself in the world of paddle sports without the typical worries regarding the traditional boats.

It is your kind of canoe in case you wish to glide through rivers, ponds, and lakes leisurely. The upper portion of your body still gets a proper workout, but your mind is set more on closing more considerable distances than losing the flab. However, if you dream of bagging gold medals from canoeing competitions, you are better off with the ones designed for whitewater, racing, and sprint, among others.

To gain more ideas, try to ask yourself the following questions.

1. What is my weight?

It is crucial for you to tell your actual weight since the seller will need to know this before they can recommend canoes. Practically, you should not be in a boat that has a load capacity that is lower than your weight.


2. What will I use it for?

Placid canoes can be for cruising, river and wilderness tripping, and explorations. Lighter and more slender boats are suitable with minor rapids. The larger kayaks are for recreational activities with the family or pets.

3. How fast do I want my canoe to be?

On the whole, ultralight canoes are faster because they are made from flexible but stronger materials.

Blackjack New Tricks 12 Hornbeck Canoe Review

Blackjack New Tricks 12 is the newer version of New Tricks 12 of Hornbeck Boats. This is part of the Blackjack series, which are the only ones made solely from carbon fiber. Due to the material used, it is said to be one of the fastest and lightest canoes that the company creates.

When you are going from pond to pond or river to river, it is excellent to know that you can change your speed and move smoothly on the water. If you want a boat that can get maneuvered effortlessly, then you should get a different Hornbeck canoe that has a moderate rocker.


• An ultralight canoe at 13 pounds. You can carry it and not drag it when necessary.
• High-quality carbon fiber is utilized to build the whole boat.
• Great tracking capability
• Backrest and foot braces are available for ease of use


• The carbon fiber is not resistant to scratches. You have to be wary of going through the low water with lots of stones below.
• It does not have much space for fishing equipment.
• It is pricier than all the other placid canoes from Hornbeck.


Final Thoughts

Don’t you love it when you realize that your healing might come from staying in nature? If you live close to Murray River or any calm body of water, you should look into getting Hornbeck Boats’ ultralight canoes. Cheers!