Staying Near Bodies Of Water Can Make You Calm – Ask A Psychologist


Do you feel that inner peace when you are near the beach while looking at how the waves crash to the shore? Have you ever felt rejuvenated by the sound and the sight of waterfalls? Do you feel relaxed when you see a magnificent view of a lake as you stroll by it? It can be a wonderful feeling to be near a body of water because your whole body and mind are at rest. Ask a psychologist of how true this is, and he will agree.

This calming effect we get when we are by the sea or near a body of water is a way of our brain to relax and go on vacation mode. Our mind is often used mainly when we work; people who are workaholics can overwork their brains. Being surrounded by a beautiful view of the ocean lets our brain relax from over-stimulation.

The effect of the sea, lake, or any body of water on our minds is being researched further. Mental health specialists term it as the “blue space,” and there has been published books and discussions about how it can have a positive impact on our overall well-being. Psychologists have found that being around this “blue space” can uplift your mental health.

Hearing The Waves Or Seeing Water Movements Will Relax Your Mind

Just hearing the sound of waves or seeing the pattern of movements of the ocean can put our minds in a relaxed and meditative stage. Our thoughts are reconfigured, and our bodies react to this by relaxing. This can significantly help reduce or even avoid symptoms of depression, stress, and anxiety. This also promotes focus and aid in sleeping peacefully.


Bodies Of Water Can Inspire Anyone And Make You Creative

When seeing a body of water and seeing how it looks so calm, our brains automatically switch off and move into a more peaceful and relaxed state. This then lets our mind focus more on inspiring and creative ideas, not with the usual problem solving we do every day. By this, we have new motivation and inspiration, and we can create millions of beautiful things rather than focusing on mundane things like work.

Oceans, Seas, Rivers, And Lakes Can Overwhelm You In A Good Way

When we are in front of a vast ocean, we tend to get in awe. This feeling makes us realize how small we are in this world as it provides us with humility and an appreciation for the little things that make us happy. We understand that the world is so big and that the problems we encounter every day are just as small as a grain of sand.  

Exercising Near Waters Can Pump You Up More

It is annoying to be in a gym surrounded with plain walls dull-colored equipment. Talking a relaxing dip or strolling along the beach does not only help you physically but also boosts your mentality. This way, you are burning calories in a more relaxed state of mind, and you will enjoy more of exercising by being surrounded by nature.

Negative Ions = The Sea

Positive and negative ions dramatically affect the way we feel every day. In the bustling cities, we are mostly surrounded by positive ions like in electrical appliances. This drains a lot of body energy, and we feel tired or uninspired. Negative ions can be found in bodies of water and can be generated by ocean waves, waterfalls, and even thunderstorms. These negative ions will absorb oxygen quicker, balance levels of serotonin, which is responsible for our mood swings, and rejuvenate our minds to maintain a stable overall mental health.


Take A Swim

Not just being surrounded by water can help your mind and body. Dipping your body in natural waters like oceans or lakes can rejuvenate your whole body and even invigorates it greatly. Different temperatures are beneficial in both ways.

The cold temperature can assist your body nerves and revitalize your body and mind as well. Warmer temperatures are nature’s way of relaxing your muscles and reduce tensions. Either way, you go, you can surely benefit from having a dip.

Whether you are near an ocean or even sitting near a local fountain can do wonders to your mind and body. Water has a mysterious way of relaxing your body and calming your mind. That is why a lot of people want to relax and take a quick break from their busy lives and chill by the beach or go for a swim in the lake.

Bodies of water work wonderfully with your overall health, and maybe that’s why we are attracted to the feeling of having to go for a swim and just enjoying the blue waters around you. So if ever you are feeling a little bit overwhelmed with life, take a quick break, and go for a swim.

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