Reasons Why You Should Take Up Fishing As A Hobby


Modern life demands work and no play, which can cause damage to your physical health and well-being. Your motivation fades away, and everything becomes too repetitive. In this dreaded situation, the best thing to do is give yourself space and engage in a relaxing hobby. One of the best examples of such a hobby is fishing.

Fishing is one of the most well-known hobbies in the world. It is no surprise that even until now, the tradition of recreational fishing is still alive. However, the idea of fishing can be daunting and unfamiliar to some people. Little do they know that this simple recreational activity can provide a lot of benefits to your health and life.

Here’s why you should take up fishing as a hobby.

Fishing Can Reduce Stress Levels

Fishing consists of paying attention to one task only. You have to focus on catching a fish. Moreover, nature is surrounding you and you alone. When you are fishing, your senses are not overwhelmed. All you can hear are the calming sounds of water and wind.

“Living in constant stress mode will make you sick indeed.” Allan R. Cohen, PsyD said. Because of this, fishing is similar to meditation. It can give you some benefits as well, such as stress relief and decreased anxiety. Fishing can also lower your blood pressure and provide therapeutic counseling help to those who have PTSD.


Fishing Is A Form Of Physical Exercise

This aquatic activity is not just about sitting and waiting. Walking around the body of water to find the right fishing spot works your heart and lungs. Casting a line accurately and reeling the fish in requires you to move both your upper and lower body. Besides, “The more you are active, the more you decrease your risk for chronic diseases, including cancer.” Whittney Thoman, Senior Exercise Physiologist explained. 

For those who fish while riding a canoe, learning how to balance yourself and using your core strength is essential. Before long, you have already done a full workout outside of the gym. An hour of fishing can burn around 130–175 calories.

Moreover, the motions of fishing are quite similar to physical therapy. People recovering from breast cancer are often recommended to try fishing as a way of exercise and recovery.

Fishing also requires you to be outdoors, which allows you to absorb vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D keeps your bones healthy, regulates insulin levels, boosts your immune system, and helps in fighting depression.


Fishing Teaches You How To Become Better

Modern living has trained us to be dependent on our gadgets and the Internet for almost everything. However, fishing encourages you to learn and develop skills by yourself. Benefits of going outside and exploring nature teaches you how to rely on yourself. 

Grasping the skill of self-reliance also improves your self-esteem. Fishing is not just about relaxation. For some people, it is also about attaining goals, such as catching your first fish. There is nothing more satisfying than to see that your effort has paid off. Of course, “The best progress happens when you apply what you’ve learned outside that setting, in your real life.” says Alicia H. Clark, Psy.D.

Fishing improves your physical and mental health and teaches you about patience. To catch a fish after a long wait is a moment of pure delight that you can never forget. It shows you that in a world where everything is instant, good things come to those who wait.

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