A Beginner’s Guide To Planning A Perfect Murray River Picnic

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Known as the world’s longest navigable river, the Murray River is home to diverse flora and fauna. Visiting a river has benefits for our mental health. Considering Murray River for your picnic plans will do more than enough for your relaxation and stress-recovery period. Here is a beginner’s guide for your picnic plans.

Decide On What Food To Bring

Ask everybody if they want to cook on the spot or bring ready-made food instead. You can bring sandwiches, finger food, and other non-messy stuff to eat while you are marveling at the scenery. You can also bring fruits and vegetable salad, so the benefits of this trip will target both your physical and mental aspects.

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Avoid bringing food that needs cutting. If you want to experience cooking outside, make sure that you have every ingredient that you need. Remember that this is a place where supermarkets and grocery stores are not easily accessible. Bring everything that you think you will need.

Bring a variety of drinks both for kids and adults. Check the policies of the Murray River picnic area to see if there are certain drinks that they prohibit in the premises. Do not forget to bring water, healthy juices, and ice enough for all of you.

Do Not Forget The Tableware

Do not be so engrossed with the food itself that you already forget about utensils. Opt for eco-friendly disposable utensils instead of plastic ones. If you can also put your food in reusable containers, the better. Do not forget to put cups, plates, serving utensils, and paper napkins on your next grocery list for this picnic. Bottle openers are also a must. Cloth napkins will also come extra handy at the venue.

List Down All The Essentials

Prepare your mats, tents, and picnic chairs ahead of the picnic schedule. Common picnic materials also include foldable beds, coolers, baskets, binoculars, and even trekking gears. Include emergency kits and other hygiene stuff in your to-bring list. Water facilities are not readily accessible in the picnic spots, so bring sanitizers and moist towelettes with you always.

Pack Your Hobby Kit

Going to a river picnic does not mean that you have to stick with fishing, boating, sleeping, and other typical river activities. You can also do your other hobbies such as painting, drawing, reading, and photography, among other things.

Moreover, be ready to try new activities that the picnic area has to offer. As early as now, check if your planned activities are allowed in the Murray River. Ask everybody to pack enough power sources and gear to try new activities you have never done before.

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Remind Everybody Of Your Responsibility To Nature 

Pack up paper bags and disposable trash bags for the picnic. Never leave any trace of trash on any picnic spot around the Murray River. You will arrive there without any litter, so be sure to take everything with you as you leave. Be considerate to nature and for the next picnic-goers in the area.

You can get the most out of the therapeutic benefits of the Murray River by following these tips. What are you waiting for? Plan that trip and head outside as soon as the skies give that picnic-season vibes!

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