Visiting Murray River Is Therapeutic (Mental Health Counseling)

A friend of mine now deals with severe depression and asks me what the best coping strategy is available that I can recommend to her. So without hesitation, I told her she should visit Murray River. It was an immediate response I gave since I was out there a couple of months ago. I also benefited mostly from Murray River’s therapeutic effects, so I thought I should share some of the things she could get from visiting the place with my friend.


Stronger Muscles And Immune System – Visiting the Murray River requires effort since most tasks are walking. To allow one’s perfect engagement with the place, they need to be in touch with the physical activity. Walking in the field along the Murray River increases energy levels, strengthens muscles, and boosts the immune system, and that’s what makes it more suitable for additional health benefits.

Focused Attention – Since a person can have a problem with too much negative outlook in life, visiting nature can instantly change. The experience will block negative thoughts to help the mind focus on what’s more important. In addition, the calm and relaxing environment can stimulate an overall change in the brain chemicals, providing a person with improved memory functions. It also brings an ideal for discovering uncommon or unexpected stimuli that default the brain’s positive attention over a long period.

Well-Regulated Emotions – Spending time with nature or even just viewing scenes helps reduce fear, anger, and stress. Nature is proven to create increased pleasant feelings that keep a person emotionally and mentally stable. Exposure to nature makes individuals feel better and helps understand the negative and positive interactions they can do. Nature can help in clearing negative thoughts while silently constructing personal emotional growth.

Creates De-Stressing Effect – Nature is so powerful that even the sound of the birds chirping, the breeze of the wind and the river’s flow can make a person feel comfortable and relaxed. There is a soothing effect that these components bring in the overall well-being of an individual. It takes away stress and replaces it with inner peace and overall life satisfaction. Nature brings the individual into the realm of good sensations and a better mental health structure.


Resolves Mental Fatigue – There is something about nature that caters to mental illness. Often, certain psychological conditions require a little bit exhausting process of treatments and medication. But with nature, there is a secured resolution for the mental fatigue caused by everyday stressors. That is because nature is so good at keeping the person’s overall wellness and balance. Nature is so beneficial in keeping a person’s goals intact.

Helps With Depression – The best thing about nature is its ability to help with depression. An individual, when depressed, cannot fully think about the good things around him. However, when he spends time with nature, he can have a positive outlook by appreciating how great other things revolved around each other. He’ll be able to identify the important contribution of the growing flowers, tall trees, running streams, and animals in the totality of life.

Tranquil Awareness – There is unexplainable tranquility of awareness that can happen when visiting nature. It is as if the whole view of the outdoor does something in the mind and body that often one cannot explain. There are intentional mental shifts that can occur during someone’s relaxed state. It promotes feelings of calmness just by enjoying the beautiful scenery. Nature helps boost an individual’s appreciation of himself and increases their gratitude towards the surrounding life.

Supports Better Recovery – Nature supports better recovery in almost a hundred percent. As time spent with nature decreases inflammation and boosts the immune system, an individual can have a higher chance at healing. That is because nature reduces the feelings of isolation and loneliness while continually promotes lifted moods among patients. Thus, nature contributes a lot to better mental, physical, and emotional recovery, beneficial to one’s development.

Supports Mindfulness Meditation – The relaxing effect of nature allows an individual to understand and get in touch with his inner self. Mindfulness meditation in nature provides a receptive presence to the natural things world. Nature helps with mindfulness as it somehow promotes wisdom and learning focused on emotional and mental awareness. It establishes a strong mind-body connection.



I almost forgot why I ended up loving nature so much that I would want my friend to try visiting the place. But then I realized the stress-free environment that Murray River has; it is splendid. So if any of my friends sought mental health advice, I would tell them to spend time with nature as much as possible.


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